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SPRINGBOARD Virtual Visits Powered by Springs Preserve

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 1:19 PM | Kate Fowler (Administrator)

The Springs Preserve has created several educational videos that teachers can use with their classes.  See the website  and the attached document for links to the videos.  

Teachers can also sign up via the website to request a virtual visit for their class with an expert on a variety of topics relevant to the Springs Preserve. This is open to any licensed teacher employed by a public, private, or charter school in Nevada.

If you have questions, please reach out to: 


Susan Sisolak

Preserve Naturalist


You can view available SPRINGBOARD VIRTUAL LEARNINGOptions at:


There are 5 different video options for Elementary Schools:

Desert Tortoise: K-2

                Learn facts about Nevada’s state reptile, the Desert Tortoise. Explore the habitat located at the Springs Preserve and learn how they have adapted to survive the Mojave Desert. 

The Zoologist’s Apprentice: K-2

Learn about the fascinating adaptations and defense mechanisms of Mojave Desert animals. Also, learn about the traits and features of different animals located at The Springs Preserve. 

From a Spring to a Town: Early Peoples to the New City of Las Vegas 3ird-5th Grade

Learn about the humble beginnings of Las Vegas and how mining and gambling caused a population explosion into the Vegas of today. This virtual field trip will take you to Springs Preserve’s Boomtown 1905, a re-created historical streetscape that tells the story of Las Vegas. 

Water Doctors: 3ird-5th Grade 

Take a virtual tour of Southern Nevada’s water treatment facilities, and explore the interesting ways and methods used to deliver water to your tap. 

Water and Energy: 4th-5th Grade

Discover how we use water to produce energy in the Las Vegas Valley. Explore and learn about “embedded/virtual” water and how conserving a single thing, conserves many. 

There are 7 different video options for Middle and High Schools:

Introduction to the Colorado River: 6th-8th Grade

Learn how human impact and climate change shapes the Colorado River and Lake Mead. 

Solutions to Maintain Biodiversity and Our Ecosystem: 6th-8th Grade

Learn about the Refugia Ponds located at the Springs Preserve and how we recreated an environment to help populations of two endangered species reproduce. 

The Las Vegas Wash: 6th-8th Grade

Learn the biological importance of the Las Vegas Wash and why it is home to several species. 

Anatomy of a Barrel Cactus: 6th-12th Grade

Learn About the barrel cactus structure and system for a variety of functions as well as explain how new varieties of cultivated plants have resulted from selective breeding for particular traits. 

Chemistry of Composting: 6th-12th Grade

Learn About how compost is made, why it is important and how it affects the health and growth of plants. 

Vegas Since the Beginning of Time: 6th-12th Grade  Poop Don’t Lie: Looking for COVOD-19

Nathan, our Preserve Archaeologist, will compare and contrast the variety of methods by which geologic time is determined, including radioactive dating. Also, explain the fossil record of ancient life forms by applying the idea of natural selection and its evolutionary consequences.  Learn how

Poop Don’t Lie: Looking for COVOD-19: 9th-12th Grade

Learn how Covid-19 can be discovered in wastewater, methods used to get the data needed to help identify where COVID is present, and the future of wastewater epidemiology.

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